People say...

“Pete, thanks for your help this past weekend. It meant a lot to me that you personally took the time to get us back up. Kind regards...”

:: Dan
De Clercq Office Group
Rowayton CT


"I want to tell you how happy I am with Custom Phone's attention to Resnick's recent office move.  Karen, Chris, and especially Richie were all just wonderful. 

Richie's interactions and disucssions (with the electricians, the IT crew, etc.) were above and beyond the call, and enabled Resnick's trasition to go smoothly on more then just the telecom front.

Please know, Pete, that Karen, Chris, and again, especially Richie, were the reason that I chose to go with Custom Phone over less expensive bids."

:: Eric Moeller,
Resinick Investment Advisors, LLC



Experience counts

Custom Phone is committed to providing leading edge technology solutions backed by best-in-class systems manufacturers. From initial site review and planning, itemized budget estimates to comprehensive project management and skilled implementation, we ensure that new technologies are designed, configured and delivered as promised — within budget.

Design, installation 
and maintenance...

...are moving at a breathtaking pace. It’s difficult for someone outside the industry to make the proper choice of hardware, software or providers. As dealers for some of the most advanced systems available, we can help you make the decisions that will satisfy your current requirements while insuring a “forklift upgrade” won’t be required next year.

Licensed and Insured #0183393-T1

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